Logistics Systems : A Warehouse Management System Essay

Logistics Systems : A Warehouse Management System Essay

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Logistics has been defined as that type of business planning that focuses its operations in material management, flow of information and capital and efficient service delivery in an organization. Some of the important components involved in the process of logistics include complex information, control systems, and effective communication channels that will make the whole process simple and efficient. A warehouse is also an important part of the logistics system as it plays several roles that are important to both the traders and the target market. Thus, this paper will define a warehouse, its roles in the logistics system, the different types of warehouses and why businesses may prefer one warehouse to the other. Finally, the paper will look at the warehouse management system and its benefits to those who use warehouses.
A warehouse is defined as a house that is used to store goods in transit by single or even several parties. In most cases, warehouses are used by product manufacturers, importers of goods, product exporters, the customs department, and wholesalers as well as transport companies among other parties. Additionally, there are different types of warehouses that are used based on the services and products offered by their potential users.
Role of warehousing in the logistic system
In the logistics system, warehouses play different roles that help those who use them to achieve some benefits. Thus, the common roles of warehouses in the logistic system include the following.
Central location
A warehouse provides its users with a central location for receiving goods, storing them, and distributing them to different outlets. As such, they serve an important role in making products accessible to ...

... middle of paper ...

The benefits of WMS
Some of the benefits of the warehouse management system include that of faster inventory returns, efficient uses of warehouse space, significant reduction of paperwork, and improved cycle counting. Other benefits include improved customer care services, reduced dependency on warehouse personnel, and improved labor productivity.
Warehouses are an important part in the logistic system and their roles cannot be overlooked. It is on these basis that this paper has looked at some of the important roles that warehouses play in the whole system of logistics as well as explaining the different types of warehouses used by different people. The application of warehouse management system and the benefits associated with the system have also been discussed in the paper as a way of showing how important it is adopt the technology.

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