Essay on Logic, Reasoning, And Intuition

Essay on Logic, Reasoning, And Intuition

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When making a decision, how does one come up with the proper structure followed to reach a conclusion? Does one simply guess and take a risk, or does it take deeper consideration and thought? Logic, reasoning, and intuition commonly are set to oppose each other, but a possibility requiring great consideration is the fact that they tend to work together each time to produce better, more intelligent results. Primarily, reasoning displays high importance in the existence of logic. That connection between reasoning and logic is closely linked to intuition. Furthermore, a common misleading statement of a logical mind when referring to university choices, allows for the analysis of how all three parts affect decision making. Thus, although humans tend to disagree about reasonability, and logic rarely emerges an issue, one must combine both, as well as the use of intuition, to create meaningful connections with the outside world.
A common myth often heard is that logic is always the answer. Although that might be partially true, that sometimes it can help lead to a conclusion, this statement is misinterpreted. Logic is based off of theories and facts that help one communicate an idea, yet, “Logic, while very pretty, is by itself quite useless. Logic is self-contained, and doesn’t by itself hook onto the material world” (Castel & Sismondo, 2008, pg. 71). It uses previous studies and validates other things such as reasoning. The science of statements, known to us as logic (2008), is the basis of the patterns learned in cognitive decisions that are influenced by beliefs and observations are developed over time. It is true to say, “Reasoning is more challenging than logic” (2008, pg. 72), because the two are closely intertwined. One can pre...

... middle of paper ... Intuition much more biologically plausible than Logic since a considerably larger amount of mechanism would be required before Logic could be used to improve predictions” (2007). Yet even so, as anticipated before, intuition is interweaved with logic and reason thus concluding that all three must be the keys to guidance in a student’s mind, proving the parental hypothesis to be falsifiable.

Analyzing the combined influence of intuition, logic and reason on each other, provides a sufficient understanding on why a classified logical mind cannot be associated with a student’s suitability for science in university. Thus it can be concluded that the three, rather than opposing each other, work closely together in order to achieve greater results. The combination of multiple steps that come together as one whole are the ground steps of the decision making structure.

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