The Logic of Industry and of Nature Essay

The Logic of Industry and of Nature Essay

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Michael Pollan’s purpose of writing Omnivore’s Dilemma came about when he realizes that society is unbelievably unhealthy due to the abundance of food. The two conflicting logics that Pollan introduces are the logic of nature and the logic of industry; these two logics are reflected through various ways of raising livestock animals. The logic of nature consists of raising livestock animals in a pastoral environment where animals interact with one another and avoid the use of artificial chemicals; whereas, the logic of industry settles on raising livestock animals unnaturally. Growing cattle through the use of corn has allowed meat to be produced in large quantities and in a short time as described in the chapter “Feedlot: Making Meat”
Speed, in a word, or, in the industry’s preferred term, “efficiency.” Cows raised on grass simply take longer to reach slaughter weight than cows raised on a richer diet, and for a half a century now the industry has devoted itself to shortening a beef animal’s allotted span on earth… what gets a steer from 80 to 1,100 pounds in fourteen months is tremendous quantities of corn, protein and fat supplements, and an arsenal of new drugs. (71)
Although feeding corn to cattle speeds up the process until they reach slaughter time, evidence shows that feeding corn to cattle that are genetically wired to eat grass produces unhealthy beef which then plays a role in healthy people, minimizing the longevity in Americans. Furthermore, the logic of nature relies on complex mutual relationship where each animal contributes to the sustainability of their environment in a cyclic manner as stated in the chapter “All Flesh is Grass”:
Birds follow and clean up after herbivores. And so during their turn in the p...

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...the extra use of arsenal drugs due since these cattle are unable to process corn. Raising cattle evidently conflicts with the logic of nature because these cattle are equipped with a very highly complex system that has evolved to transform the nutrients of the plants from photosynthesis to transferring these nutrients to the meat that Americans eat. Growing livestock animals on grass act in mutual relationship because each organism has its own natural way of contributing to the food chain, essentially bettering the health of their own cyclic complex system but also the health of the consumers. Nonetheless, the organic method is far too time and money consuming that farmers are now using a cheap commodity that is used in almost everything, Americans are in fact “walking corn.”

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