Essay on Location Based Marketing : A New Type Of Advertising

Essay on Location Based Marketing : A New Type Of Advertising

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Location-based marketing is a new type of advertising that combines with GPS services on mobile devices in order to provide local advertising to potential consumers. This basically means that if a person is passing a shop an advertiser can know about it and actually send relevant ads, coupons etc. to that person. Although this might be something off of the Minority Report, however, it’s an extremely useful marketing strategy. If you’re scrolling through your phone walking around town and suddenly get an ad for $1 off a Starbucks coffee, and you just happen to be next to a Starbucks, most people would go in and get a coffee. Relevant advertising is the most efficient advertising.

The big name in this space is LBMA (Location Based Marketing Association). Another less known company would be Geotoko and Thumbvista. LBMA seems to be one of the more legitimate companies, where as Thumbvista has a website that lacks professionalism and therefore looks rather unreliable. Geotoko has a higher quality website and they appear to be the safer choice between the two. After some research it was discovered that Geotoko is a Hootsuite company, and therefore by affiliation a trusted and reliable source. LBMA has case studies on their site, which gives potential clients an idea of how successful they are, and what the LBMA could do for their own company. Geotoko offers data collection so companies can see the results of their location-based advertising. LBMA offers its members access to all research reports and publications, which is very helpful when planning future media.

Companies such as McDonalds, Adidas, Best Western and Coors Light are currently using location-based advertising. Best Western is using it to show the nearest hotel in your ...

... middle of paper ...

...rt defects”.

We found it odd that the foundation didn’t take advantage of other social media platforms. They had many other options such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pintrest and Google+.

Advertising is very costly. The most significant costs will come from registering with the LMBA (Location Based Marketing Association) along with paying your designers.

Also we read an article on Location Based Marketing and from what we got out of it, the association is sending out the advertisements in the wrong locations. This is problematic to both the client and the consumer. For example if the consumer sees a coupon only redeemable in a different country, the consumer would be frustrated and upset with the company. The article said that this is a common problem and it is one of the main reasons companies are a little hesitant to start a campaign using location-based marketing.

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