Essay on The Local Park

Essay on The Local Park

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They were both being quite as they walked to the local park. Caroline had her hair up now and her sunglass place on her face as she drinks her coffee almost inhaling it. Klaus couldn’t help but think she looked cute. Even though he knew she felt like death letting out a chuckle as he drink from his coffee.
“What,” Caroline asked as she looked up towards him as Klaus just smirked over at her.
“It seemed you and Lexi had a wild night.”
“You can say that. But I blame Damon and Jess for keeping buying us drinks.” Crossing her arms.
“Damon and Jess,” Raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, we ran Into Damon and his partner at the bar.”
“So, that why you canceled on me. You were on a double date.” Slowing down his steps as he turned to throw away his coffee, no longer in the mood.
“It wasn’t a double date, we truly ran into them at the bar,” She stated.
“You don’t have to tell me anything Caroline. You 're free to see or sleep with Anyone.”
“Just like you,” Caroline remarked.
“I haven’t been with anyone since I slept with you.” He hissed
“I haven’t either Klaus.” Caroline took a step closer to him. She never notices how close they got until she felt his fingers on her neck.
“What do you want Caroline.” Looking down at her, as she pulled back from him.
“I don’t know what I want Klaus. I do know that I can’t sleep with you one day and then another guy, I’m not that type of girl.”
“And you don’t have to be that girl, I’m not good at relationships sweetheart.” Ready to turn his back on her, but he stated in his place.
“I’m not asking for one,” she told him as Klaus just clenched his jaw.
“So what do you want love, you need to tell me. Do you want to end this, Be exclusive.” Klaus was so confused, Caroline always confused him. Something that was differ...

... middle of paper ...

...g Sundays off,” She said.

“Caroline he is giving me his company, it’s the least I can do.” Caroline knew it was important for Klaus that her dad was going to name him CEO once he stepped down. She just did not know how much it truly meant to him, he truly looked up to her father Bill Forbes.

Caroline smiled over at him as she nodded her head at his statement, “So while you work should I make us something to eat or should I“ pointing towards the door.

“Dinner would be amazing unless you need to Leave, this will only take another thirty minutes. We can order in if you like.”

“Klaus it’s fine I like to cook,” she said as she walked over towards the refrigerator.

“When she heard the front door slam open. “You two better be in Klaus room or dressed.” Rebekah voice brook throw.
“It seems Bekah found our clothing.” Smirking over to Caroline as she just shook her head.

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