Essay on Local Guides And Premium Travel Content Via Our Mobile Application

Essay on Local Guides And Premium Travel Content Via Our Mobile Application

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A way to connect travelers to local guides and premium travel content via our mobile application. This allows for an easy customizable travel experience through the shared economy.

The overwhelming and scattered planning approach that most travelers take when exploring new cities. Very important, because there are sites that offer location based attractions, tours, blogs, culture guides, and social media interactions, but they are all segmented.

They are doing a few things such as, going in with no research and support or using multiple platforms to educate and ready themselves. For example, they are using Google, individual travel blogs, Reddit, Facebook, Trip Advisor, or touring companies.

The Global Hiker will bring a now segmented market to one online community that allows for easier travel. It will help customers with travel preparation, deciding which city is right for them to travel to, providing premium travel information, basic language skills, and overcoming culture barriers so that no one is offended.

We have conducted market search in the form of surveying over 100 individuals with 95 percent of the responses saying that they would download and try our service. I have pitched at 7 different events, the Q&A and evaluations proved interest in the platform. Interest from users on our social media accounts. We currently have potential local guides in 37 countries and 23 states that we have reached out to and saw interest.

No single company has the vision that the Global Hiker holds, because there is no existing product that provides all the services in one place like our app will. Our competitive advantage comes from the lack of emotion, connectivity, centralized location for travel information, and insight into one’s...

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...ditional capital needed to accomplish our goals during our time at the accelerator depends upon our growth rate and how many daily active users that the Global Hiker has.


In today 's world, it is important to make sure that we are involved and educated in what is going on in the world as well as the areas that we are traveling to. There are a lot of people being fearful of the dangers of the world, I want to inform people not to be blinded by fear. I want people to experience firsthand that the world is really a beautiful place. Chance favors the prepared mind and if all of our users are prepared they can more safe. A great quote by Samuel Johnson goes like this, “The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” We will show people the world and allow users to explore themselves.

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