The Local Culture And Tradition Plays An Important Role Essay

The Local Culture And Tradition Plays An Important Role Essay

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4.3 Cultural environment
The local culture and tradition plays an important role. As mentioned by George and Michael (2001) that “advertise must know not only the native tongue of the country but also its nuances, idioms, and subtleties”. Therefore, hire local expertise for market communication can prevent advertise misunderstood by customer either language misusing.
4.4 Political environment
Political environment is difficult to gain a common conclusion towards to international advertising and other elements. Because regulations are normally based on the economy, nationalisation, culture and considerations of national sovereignty. The regulations are might also aimed to protect consumers (George & Michael, 2001). Generally, the regulations restrict several aspects like: The advertised types of products, the way to express and context used in advertising, the kind of vehicle adopted, etc. For example, cigarette advertisements are banned in US, some countries forbid TV advertisement to use foreign language, countries require companies to print poster and make TV advertisement in domestic to provide more jobs. Malaysia government requires all the travel advertising must be made in Malaysia if the advertisement broadcast on Malaysia television. However, there are less barriers than before, and governments are trying to make the trade more convenience, such as the Masstricht Treaty signed and more negotiation in MATT (Ascher, 2014).

5.0 The role of other promotional mix
In terms of international marketing, promotional mix is consisted by advertising, public relations, personal selling, sales promotion and Internet. Each promotional mix may perform various role which depends on the promotional strategy and firm’s marketing in overse...

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...ied by Hall (1960), high context cultures tend to more rely on elements surrounded to build understand of the message. The high context cultures includes collectivist culture like China and Japan. People in high context cultures usually receive information which added extra information from social and personal. In terms of international marketing, “people in high context cultures are often more effectively reached by image or mood appeals, and rely on personal networks for information and content (Craig & Douglas, 2005)”
On the contrast, people in low context cultures more rely on written and spoken language meaning, and the messages can be decode accurately by receivers. Almost all the western culture are low context cultures. In terms of marketing communication, it is very important to deliver relative information to let costumer realize the products and services

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