Essay on Lobbying Againts Capital Hill

Essay on Lobbying Againts Capital Hill

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Until recently there have been no lobbying groups in the USA designed to provide American politicians and society with full and objective information about the events taking place in Russia and decisions of Russian government. The most effective lobbying is done on Capitol Hill. A law firm or lobbying firm can make arrangements and put forward arguments in ways that its foreign client cannot, in part because most embassies do not operate as comfortably or effectively on Capitol Hill as can the firms. When a faction in Congress takes a position under pressure from lobbyists, it can become very hard for executive-branch offices to resist. As a matter of fact, effective lobbying would help to avoid such irritants in US-Russian relations as …. amendment. Regarding Syria issues, we can suppose the negotiations to be carried on more effectively if Russia applies other instruments than veto power in the UN Security Council (UNSC) and pressure in its policy. Taking into account the great extent to which lobbying groups influence foreign policy issues in the USA, it seems a grave blunder of Russian establishment to admit the situation where there are no powerful groups on the Capital Hill which would be able to shape Russia’s positive image in America, contribute to the overcoming of russophobia tendencies and to the development of strategic, economic, and cultural partnership.

This paper firstly aims to define the problems, which conditioned the absence of such agencies and firms in Washington intended to lobby Russian interests systematically and on regular basis and evaluate the perspectives for their creation.

Obstacles for Russian Lobby in the USA
One of the most significant reasons which hamper the creation of lobbying groups i...

... middle of paper ...

...y Russia has practically no leverage.
Waiting for the Obama administration to do the job of the non-existing pro-Russian lobby, Russia only shows that, unfortunately, it doesn't understand the rules Washington is playing by.
What people caring about the state of U.S.-Russia relations should realize is that the notorious "reset" is not a law and not even an officially declared U.S. foreign policy objective. It's a political trend adopted by the current administration that may well be thrown away by the next, most likely Republican, president. To preserve the spirit and the current momentum of the "reset", it should be continuously promoted within the U.S. foreign policy establishment. This is what a pro-Russian lobby in the United States should be doing.
In other words, the "reset" needs a charger, and the pro-Russian lobby should play the role of this charger.

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