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Common Sense
Have you ever met someone where it seemed they had absolutely no common sense whatsoever? People that have know exactly where I’m coming from; however, it doesn’t mean they are stupid nor have a lack of knowledge. In fact someone might be extremely book smart and make straight A’s in school with ease. It could just be the fact they simply don’t know and that they might not be experienced enough in a particular life situation. Common sense could be interpreted as being able to think instinctively, ability to make rational decisions, and be able to problem-solve everyday life issues. In addition common sense cannot be taught; when in fact, it must be learned thru life’s lessons itself. For example, if you driving an automobile while it’s snowing outside you consciously know to slow down rather than to speed up; this is putting common sense in action.
To begin with common sense could be defined as being able to think instinctively; in other words, being able to “think on your feet”. Common sense is essentially our sixth sense; even though, we have to put all five senses together to make use of common sense in our everyday lives. The fight or flight response is a prime example of instincts, It’s just something we are born with in order for survival. With that in mind say you’re in a bad part of the city where there is high crime, you are walking down the street at night time minding your on business; as a result, a masked man comes up behind you wielding a knife with the sole purpose of robbing you. Under those circumstances you have only two options here at this point; you can either fight your way out of this situation or run like hell. In addition you really don’t know what you are going to do if someone tried ...

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... be you help one customer while you ask nicely for the other to wait patiently; however, if they cannot wait you could possibly ask for another employees help to resolve the problem at hand. Overall this is a common sense approach for effective problem solving skills that are necessary for functioning in today’s society.
Given these points, you can agree common sense is a necessity in every aspect of life’s challenges. In any event, common sense must be used to be able to solve everyday problems, putting your instincts to work, and being able to think logically in today’s world. Common sense helps us to make the most out of one’s experiences and knowledge by showing us the obvious of what is in front of you; granted, you open your mind and just think before acting upon any given situation. Maybe common sense is within us all if we just learn to look for it.

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