Essay on Living with a Step-Mom: I Gained a Lifelong Friend

Essay on Living with a Step-Mom: I Gained a Lifelong Friend

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The nearby conversation over the phone faded away. Slowly, as I reflected on my thoughts, I anticipated the imminent future where I would be living with a step-mom. Good relationships cannot be willed into existence. I wasn't willing to, nor did I need to adopt another parent. The fact was: I was completely content with my life until my father decided to remarry. It dawned on me that when we would spend time together, it would no longer be as intimate an experience. After all, two is company and three is a crowd. I just knew she would be that elephant in the room for me; the reason why I could no longer relax and be myself with my dad. The list of habitation issues I managed to come up with were too hefty to even consider. But above all, it was the mere fact of looming change that scared me into submission, and later retaliation. After all, life was great as is. Why fix something that isn't broken?

The following morning, I woke up irritated to the sound of my alarm for school. Reluctantly, I pulled on a pair of grey sweats and stopped on my way downstairs to stare at the blanket of fresh snow on the roads outside. It was an awesome break in my luck. There was at least three inches of snow heavily coating the once dingy brown that defined my front yard. Thrilled with the weather, I headed downstairs truly excited for the first time in a while. To my surprise, as I grinned down the stairs, I noticed my dad at the front door. A woman stood in front of him, shivering from the sub-freezing temperatures outside. He kindly greeted the woman in Mandarin saying, “Hurry and come on in.” I fixed my eyes on a slim Taiwanese female who stood at approximately 5’7 with sleek, black hair, nut-brown eyes, and a straight nose. She wore a fashi...

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...had a legitimate conversation in place.
As I was about to walk off after breakfast, Anita comfortingly told me, “I just wanted to let you know that there is no pressure for you to like me right off but it would be great if we could become friends.”
“Alright, I’ll think about it.” I replied.
Her words were reassuring, and being friends sounded good. Nothing was being forced on me. It was just me getting to know another person and possibly becoming friends. By simply establishing conversation, a strong relationship lies only at an arm’s reach. First impressions are important, but honest intentions drive friendship to new levels. In a matter of weeks I felt considerably more comfortable asking for help, questioning her decisions, and even engaging in active discussions on controversial topics. I guess, in the end, I didn’t lose because I gained a lifelong friend.

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