Living Longer And Happier As A Whole Then Dan Buettner Essay

Living Longer And Happier As A Whole Then Dan Buettner Essay

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If you want to live longer and happier as a whole then Dan Buettner gives a great Ted talk on the
best ways to a more fulfilling life, and are we willing to give up the some of our food and
technology culture to do so? He gives pretty sound advice on living the longest with the most
basic of ways. Along with living longer but also have a happier healthier life mentally and
physically. It seems easy what he has to say that we would have to do too attain this increase of
life and happiness and most anyone should be able to accomplish this. It seems the most basic
things we already know such as having good friends, eating a healthy rich diet, and being active
on a daily basis with goals is all you need.
When we see how our cultural in America is compared to the healthiest ones Buettner has found
it does not seem as easy in my mind. I agree with what he has to say to achieve these things and
really they are pretty basic things of life we all do. Our culture in America is very dissimilar in
many ways not just from the “blue zones” as Buettner says is the healthiest regions but generally
dissimilar to the worlds. When we take a look at what Americans consider healthy and the
amount of food we see as large it becomes easy to see how harder of a task this is for longevity
in life. Americas standards for the kind of food served and amount of food compared to other
countries we see a gross influx of unhealthy amounts that in general is skewed already. Some of
our small drinks are mediums or even larges in some countries that right there should give a
good idea of how skewed we have become to logical serving sizes. Indeed, bigger is better in
Moore 2
America that goes for waist sizes and cholesterol levels. Not only do we have this outlandis...

... middle of paper ...

...t early with younger generation and ingrain them with
healthier values all around. People in this community and America are able to instill some of
those values being talked about in this video. Though I doubt they could in all areas but with an
open outlook and willingness for attitude and lifestyle change it can be done. If people can put
less focus on technology and traditional ways of socializing all the while improving food quality,
then those two things would be a huge change. This will in affect trickle down hopefully to the
Moore 4
other parts of being BZers as laid out in the video and people will want to have more of a support
system and be involved in communal activates. With willingness comes the ability of change and
I can’t see a reason why a good number of people in this community wouldn’t have the will after
seeing the great information in this video.

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