Living in Cities, Urbanization and Globalization Essay example

Living in Cities, Urbanization and Globalization Essay example

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Over time the development of towns and cities has drastically increased since the old cities back in biblical times. The first city known to history was the city of Byblos, which had the reputation for oldest city in the world and dates back to the third millennium. In ancient Greece the term for the city of all cities was called Megapolis, examples of one now would be New York City or Chicago. Cities back in the past were clearly different and constructed compared to modern cities now. A city is defined as permanent settlement, but it doesn’t just start out as a city it has to build it up. Chapter 19 talks about living in cities, urbanization and globalization.
Traditional cities differed in many ways from modern urban areas. They were mostly very small by modern standards and were surrounded by walls, and religious buildings and palaces dominated their centers. This was the general layout for a city, but now modern cities aren’t anything like that. In modern societies, most of the population lives cities. A cluster of cities and towns forming a continuous network is called a conurbation. An example of a conurbation is the Northeast Corridor of the United States covering 450 miles. Overtime as time progresses something called urbanization is happening. Urbanization isn’t a certain event, but an ongoing process. Urbanization is the development of cities and towns or population moving to cities or towns. The United States has transformed from a rural agricultural into an urbanized industrial one. During the industrial revolution in the late 18th early 19th century industrialization generated urbanization making people migrate to the cities mainly looking for a better life and jobs. Since the rise of urbanization occurred there was...

... middle of paper ... and resources that are used up by people. Feeding the whole world is not impossible, but more many countries to be able to feed everyone would cause a worldwide plan. Another environmental issue is sustainable development, the limiting of economic growth to proceed only so far as natural resources are recycled rather than depleted. Earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters from the natural world are called external risks. As a result of globalization we humans now face risks created by the effects of our own knowledge and technology called manufactured risks.
Not everywhere in the world is fully urbanized shockingly, some parts are still in their farming phase. As time goes on there will be some point in time where the whole world will be fully industrialized. This world is relatively still young in its ages, but our technology is growing substantially.

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