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Living in a Retirement Community Essays

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Living in a retirement community can be a difficult time for the resident and their family. It can be stressful to move away from your family and home. Staff members try to make the community feel as much like home as possible. The Knoll’s of Oxford makes this their top priority. They offer everything from fishing holes, trips to Hueston Woods, bird watching and plenty of other activities for residence to partake in. The Knolls of Oxford is also strongly affiliated with Miami University. Many of the residents at the Knolls hold a special place in their heart for Miami, as many of them are alumni or former staff. Keeping ties with one’s past can be important in keeping an aging mind healthy. Music can also have many positive effects on memory. It can provide comfort for residence. Mixing the memories of Miami and music is one goal for an organization at Miami.
The Miami University Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, took their annual trip to the Knolls. The co-ed national Honorary Band Service Sorority visits the Knolls every year to perform for the residences. The organization is made up of ...

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