Living in a Modern Day Slavery Essay examples

Living in a Modern Day Slavery Essay examples

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“Children being sold for sex at truck stops; servants held in captivity and forced to clean for free, and women forced into the sex industry, forfeiting their earnings.” (Baldas, 2012, p.A.1) Human trafficking, commonly know as ‘modern-day slavery’; “--involves the use of deception and coercion to persuade victims to cross national borders in search of new jobs and better opportunities. Once the target has arrived in a foreign country, he or she is then forced into some form of labor bondage.” (Staff, 2013) Human trafficking does not just happen in developing countries, it can also happen in developed countries.
Human trafficking a prohibited crime, that has been around since biblical times, all these men, woman and even children have been across the border and sold into slavery. Human trafficking is when humans are sold into forced labour, sexual exploitation; meaning forced to perform sexual acts for paying clients, or the removal of organs or tissues.
Human trafficking is wrong because, its an illegal worldwide problem, violation of human rights, its one of the fastest growing crimes, and its modern-day slavery.

Human trafficking is an illegal worldwide problem, author Hornby explains; “CdeBaca estimated between 12.5 and 27 million people are trapped in slavery around the world ranging from children forced to coerced into prostitution” (Hornby, 2011, para.8) According to the International Labor Organization, they “estimate that 20.9 million people are victims of forced labor globally” (Lederer, 2012, para.8) Human trafficking happens all over the world in the nation survey, it “estimated that there are 29.8 million modern-day slaves and bondage in some forms exists in most countries, including, United States, Canada,...

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