Essay about Living in a Food Desert

Essay about Living in a Food Desert

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The main point of this project was to teach us about what it is like for a person who may live in a food desert. I started by making my meal plan of what I would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two weeks. My choices of what I was to eat were based on what I usually eat as a college student on a limited budget. After making my meal plan I went to the online Lowes Foods grocery store to simulate my purchases. When finished I came to the conclusion that I could eat for under one hundred dollars for two weeks very easily. Although I could do this, I still would not be leading a very healthy lifestyle because I could choose healthier foods. My bill came to sixty-five dollars and sixty-eight cents. With this purchase I would still have roughly thirty dollars to buy healthy snacks such as fruits or granola bars.
Next I took my meal plan and ingredient list to the Circle K right beside campus. This is where my eyes were opened to what it would be like to be in a food desert and only have a convenient store to go to for grocery shopping. At first I was optimistic ab...

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