Living From A Minimum Wage Jobs Essay example

Living From A Minimum Wage Jobs Essay example

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Can a person with two children live from a minimum wage job? The answer is obvious as it looks. No person with kids could live from $7.25 an hour. However, it is the individual’s choice to whether stay in such low-income job as many years he wants or stay for a short period of time to get the experience, knowledge, and motivation to find for a better paid job. That is how a person begins to climb from the bottom of the economic ladder towards a better job moving the economy of the country. Nowadays, groups and unions of restaurant employees are demanding a raise of the minimum wages. To them, things are dark and awful, but the truth is that only unskilled people are in this jeopardy situation. It would be difficult to see an engineer in electronics working in an Italian restaurant kitchen. In this paper, it will be shown the four important keys about minimum wage jobs. First, it is the success that owners have having a workforce with a low wage giving to the nation’s economy a boost to keep it growing. Second, it is the relationship between poverty and minimum wages careers. Third, it is the wrong thinking of raising the minimum wage to help the poor community and the help that government has been giving to them, creating dependencies and steering them more into the abysm of poverty. Fourth, it is the importance of finding a solution without raising the minimum wage, towards education, experience, and knowledge. By increasing the minimum wage, society will be harm from the upsurge of values in products in the market affecting the entire society at the expense of paying a higher rate to unskilled people.
The minimum wage is what makes a business succeed as well to the economy to flow. Fast food restaurant chains are well known for...

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... is understandable that a citizen could not sustain an entire family with such salary. However, the entire population cannot be responsible of the wrong choices that steered these individuals to drop their dreams, education, and goals. Raising the minimum wage would have led to job losses, to the finding of a job difficult due to those stuck in minimum wage jobs position, an increment of prices in items, the incorporation of new technology to replace expensive and unreliable workforce, and the increase of people in need costing billions of tax money to help them. This unintended consequence can be avoided without compromising the economy and the general population. With education, experience, and motivation an individual could easily get another job with better payment, thanks to that minimum wage job he could rise and become a supporter to the economy of the nation.

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