Living an Abundant Life: Loving Oneself Essay

Living an Abundant Life: Loving Oneself Essay

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An abundant life is a life that everyone has the ability to live. Every person regardless of his or her disabilities, race, culture, affect, or geological location is able to live an abundant life. The meaning of an abundant life put simply is to truly love oneself. If a person can truly live out these seven components, they truly love themselves, and therefore they are living an abundant life.
The seven essential components of living an abundant are: the ability to experience joy, the ability to be resilient, the ability to give love others, the ability to receive love from others, the ability to feel emotions, the possession of passion, and an adequate amount of sleep. These seven components are vital to living the abundant life, but they do not work in isolation from each other. It is very important for the components to work together. These elements are shown in the attached picture of gears. At some points throughout a person’s life, one of the gears might stop spinning for a while due to various circumstances, but as long as the other gears are spinning, the whole system will keep functioning. A person who isn’t living abundant life will have a system of gears that isn’t moving at all or moving very slowly.

The Ability to Experience Joy
The first component essential to living an abundant life is the ability to feel joy. Joy is an experience of wellbeing in a person’s life. Joy is in some cases something that a person has no control of feeling, but in many cases it is an experience that reinforces positive behavior. Therefore by experiencing joy, a person is more likely to do positive things for themselves and for others. Joy is the basis of many of the positive aspects of life as Abraham Hicks states, "If you woul...

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