Living A Healthy Lifestyle And Unhealthy Lifestyle Essay

Living A Healthy Lifestyle And Unhealthy Lifestyle Essay

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Everyone starts off in this world with a new body and a clean slate.The options one has to live the life they choose are unlimited. America gives its citizens the option to live a healthy lifestyle or and unhealthy lifestyle. Along with just deciding one’s health, the ability to start ones own business or just work a low level job is out there. The greatest decision one will make in their life is to either live a healthy lifestyle and take care of ones body or to not care about how one treats their own body. The greatest sign or determination, mental strength, and patience are a person that can dedicate their lives to living a healthy lifestyle and treating ones body as their own holy temple. Living a healthy lifestyle is how everyone should live because of the many benefits and long term satisfaction.
The real sign that someone has chosen to dedicate themselves to living a healthy lifestyle is by the foods one eats, and how they perceive nutrition as a whole. A big downfall in todays society is the amount of fast food readily available to the public. “Since the 1970s, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled” ( . America used to be viewed as the wife stays home and makes dinner for the husband and family, but times have changed. With more women working full time jobs, nobody is home to cook the classic homemade dinner. This is a big cause of families eating fast food. It’s hard for a parent to work an eight hour day and want to go home and cook a full meal when the parent can pull through a drive thru and have a full family dinner in under ten minutes. Many families are making meals ahead of time and having left overs, but the cost of eating healthy actually costs more the filler filled meats and pro...

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... for muscles to grow. Having muscles conditioned for rigorous activity helps for any activity in life. Without properly functioning muscles the body its just skin and bone. Muscles give the body the ability to move. Healthy muscles are vital to lifting anything from a pencil to a boulder. Cardio will help with the heart being healthy, but muscle deterioration occurs over time if muscles aren’t used regularly. Proper muscle use through the course of ones life will help in a longer life being able to do everything unassisted.
Living a healthy lifestyle is good for a long, happy, and less stressful life. Nothing can take away the feeling one gets from being happy and healthy. Knowing that ones body is healthy is a great feeling. Everyone should strive to have the feeling of accomplishment and pride. Each person’s body is their own temple, it should be treated as such.

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