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Living A Good Healthy Life Essay

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My name is Dyamond Brokenberry, I am an 18 year old female who’s majoring in Biology at Prairie View A&M University, living a good healthy life but I have many unhealthy living habits such as eating junk food on the daily and not exercising like I used to or like I should. I decided to do my healthy lifestyle challenge over running and walking for 15 to 30 minutes each night around the campus for 30 days. On the nights that I didn’t run or walk around the campus, I went to the fitness room provided by University College (where all freshman stay). Going from exercising and practicing two times a day to not doing any of that really took a toll on me and I would get tired faster than usual and I gained a couple of pounds. Running track really kept me and shape and on top of things. Like my coach would always tell me and my teammates “It’s faster to get out of shape than in shape.” I still ate unhealthy food while running track but I would burn off all those calories by doing my workouts before or after school. Now that I’m not active in any sports, the only exercising I’m getting is walking to my classes and back to my room and in my opinion that is not enough.
Advantages of living a healthy lifestyle
There are many advantages and disadvantages of living a healthy lifestyle. The advantages of living healthy can be challenged when you don’t have enough time to exercise; you are faced with many options of fast food and when alcoholic beverages come into play. When I talk about being healthy I’m not just talking about exercising and what you intake into your body it goes way beyond that. For instance the type environments you’re living in, you’re state of mental health, your weight, and you’re energy levels. The benef...

... middle of paper ... 9 and I would come back to my room and continue to study. I had to learn how to manage my time better and accept the change I was trying to make. My body was not ready for the change but over after the first 15 days it got used to me running and walking. My energy levels increased and I could go from running for 5 minutes to 8 minutes without stopping.
This 30 day healthy lifestyle has encouraged me that I should continue to get in at least 30 minutes to an hour workout at least every other day of the week. I’ve learned the good things and bad things about the process of living a healthy lifestyle and trust me, it wasn’t easy at all. Now that my energy levels have increased, I’m less tired when walking to my classes, the MSC, or even my building. I’m still working on my eating habits, but doing this challenge has encouraged me to take it beyond 30 days.

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