Essay about The Live Performance Of, Disgraced And The Filmed Production Of Chicago

Essay about The Live Performance Of, Disgraced And The Filmed Production Of Chicago

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For this assignment, I chose to view the live performance of, Disgraced and the filmed production of, Chicago. Disgraced, was about a man in New York of Pakistan descent who had disowned his religion of Islam. He seemed to be living the American Dream, a married working lawyer living in New York. However, his past Islamic beliefs catch up with him, turning his life to a downwards spiral. He ends up losing everything he worked so hard to achieve. Chicago follows the life of a young girl who has moved to Chicago in search of fame. She is promised fame from her lover, but once she found out he was lying she kills him. She’s sentenced to death, and when she arrives to jail she finds a lawyer who helps exonerate her. After viewing Disgraced and Chicago, I was able to identify and notice the differences between filmed and live productions described in our textbook. The difference of venue and environment is demonstrated since; stage performances are usually enjoyed in a theater where the audience views a live performance of the actors while screen performances are viewed in the location of the viewer. Another alterations between stage and screen were the various categories of design. In the screen performance, they have the luxury to change outfits, sets and props without it seeming like a lot of time has passed. However, for stage performances they must choose their costumes, lighting, set and props wisely because it is a live production and must be performed at the speed of real time.
The performance of Disgraced was in a theater that displayed a proscenium arch. Prior to the beginning of the performance, the audience was reminded to turn off their cell phones. The audience was also expected to remain quiet and seated throughout the ...

... middle of paper ...

...t, which she adopted from an Islamic church. Her art was hung so that the audience could see it and was roughly in the middle of the set. Other props that were used were the alcohol that was to show that Amir maybe had too much drink before he beat his wife. In the case of the live performance, it helps develop plot development and adds context for events that are occurring. Without all the furniture in the apartment set, it would have seemed unrealistic to the audience. Props establish the venue being portrayed in a production. Similarly, in Chicago props are used to help reinforce that this film took place during the 20s. The use of a radio when Mama and Velma are listening to the court trial is typical mode of hearing news during that era. Props are utilized to further develop a set and reinforce the environment and venue that is being portrayed in the production.

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