Essay about Live in Live, by Liu Ming Feng

Essay about Live in Live, by Liu Ming Feng

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Heavy rain poured down in the afternoon on May 5, 2009, Shanghai. It was the day when Mayday, one of the most popular Taiwanese rock bands, held their DNA Mayday "Creates" Concert in Shanghai Hong Kou football stadium. One minute before the concert started, the set staff in the scene reported on the situations through headsets: “We are ready. Is there any problem in the scene?” “Wire on the main stage gets stuck!” “The giant ball cannot lift!” “Anyone can tackle it down?” “Curtain is ready for falling.” “Not yet. Wait!” “No time left, just drop!” As the brightest lights shined on the stage accompanying fans’ acclamation, the team disappeared in the infinite darkness and chaos.
This appears in the beginning of a documentary film Live in Live (2013) which features which features the behind-the-scene footages, the journey and hardships popular Taiwanese band MayDay been through for their concert tours. “Every live concert is our battlefield” is said by Taiwanese creative executive director Chou Youyang who began taking charge of Mayday’s concerts since 2009, from 2009 World Tour DNA Creates Mayday to 2012 Nowhere World Tour. Every time Chou and his team are dedicated to carrying out their project through well-prepared materials and extraordinary digital technology: there are at least five high definition LCD screens in each live concert according to Chou-the biggest one in the center, two surrounding it and the other two located in the edge which even enable audience purchasing the low-cost concert tickets (they are usually seated either far or in the “blind angle”) to enjoy the audio-visual feast as well; each audience is distributed a LED interactive glow stick before they enter the concert, the color and flashing frequency of whi...

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...l be blamed by thousands of people while when they succeed, they’re already on the way to the next city.” Thus, every pop concert is more than a matter of the stars on stage: it embodies the efforts and professionalism of the behind-the-scene production team, and scrutinizes the introspection and soul-searching of the participants involved as well. As Chou once put it: “Living in live, we are always racing against time. But when light turns on, it’s time to complete our mission. We hope the audience will regard attending Mayday’s live concerts as a sublime experience. ”

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