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The significance of water baptism possesses paralytic similarities that relate to the spiritual death and burial of the old man. The word buried mentioned in verse 4, is rendered in the Greek translation as “sunthapto, pronounced soo-thap’-to; to inter in company with, as in a figurative sense, to assimilate spiritually: bury with.” Sunthapto derives from the Greek word “sun”, pronounced soon; it is a primary root word denoting union; with or together, as in by association, or companionship.” The Greek translation mentioned above relates to the burial of Christ Jesus. We are to assimilate, hence take on the same identical state of death in our body and be buried, spiritually speaking. Spiritually, the old man that was made after the similitude of first man, Adam must be crucified and put in the grave. The word crucified means to put to death by nailing or binding the hands and feet to a cross, or to mortify. When Jesus was crucified and placed into a sepulcher (grave), the scripture conveys that the fallen nature of first man Adam was crucified and buried as well. Freeing mankind from sin and the curse of death brought about by Adam’s disobedience. Therefore, when we renounce sin and live no longer therein, it is evident that we have been crucified and buried with Christ Jesus. Now we behold the new man, resurrected in holiness and raised to life in the body after the similitude of second man Adam, Christ Jesus.
In order for us to establish a “union and be in company with” Jesus, our sinful ways had to first be buried with Him, this is what the Scripture meant when it referred to us being “buried with him by baptism into death.” When Jesus died the similitude and figure of the old man that represented Adam was made dead and bu...

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...strive to be like Him and to obtain His ways; no where does it say that God strive to be like man. From the beginning, man was made in the image and likeness of God. No-where in Bible does it state that God was made in the image and likeness of man. To some this may sound unnecessary to even mention, however it is necessary, for it helps to instill and reinforce within the mind of people the immeasurable greatness of God. God’s ways are past finding out and His ways are neither like the ways of men; neither are His thoughts like the thought men.
Either your going serve God in Spirit and in truth, possessing the likeness His persona, or you are going to remain carnal minded and void of His seed life. Make your decisions sure, choose which one you’re willing to serve, whether to life as God commanded in abiding by the Word, or live in the carnality of your flesh.

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