The Little Prince

The Little Prince

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The Little Prince
He is the prince of the planet Asteroid B-612. He migrated in the other planet with the use of flock of wild birds. The little prince is the only one who appreciates the drawing of the pilot. He has a flower which he and for so much. And he has two active volcanoes which he used for heating. He also went to other planet where he met different kinds of grown-ups.

He met the little prince when his airplane crashed in the desert of Sahara. He hated to draw because when he was 6 years old, the grown-ups belittled his works. Until he met the little prince that really appreciates his work.

Turkish Astronomer
He discovered the planet from which the little prince came is the Asteroid known as B-612. The astronomer had presented it to the International Astronomical Congress. But he was in Turkish costume, and so nobody would believe what he said. But because of that the Turkish astronomer change to European costume and so everybody believed him.

The flower is said to be the best friend of the little prince. This flower represented a true friend that you can really trust.

The planet of the king was crammed and obstructed by the magnificent ermine robe. He believed that all the stars obeyed him.

Conceited Man
He is a boastful man and he believed that all people respected him.

The little prince visits the planet that was inhabited by a tippler. This man is always drinking because he wants to forget his problem, the problem that he is ashamed of drinking.

The fourth planet belonged to a businessman. He believed that he is the one who own all the stars.

The fifth planet where the lamplighter do his work. It was the smallest planet of all. The lamplighter is doing his work again and again.

The sixth planet was ten times bigger than the fifth planet. It was inhabited by an old gentleman who wrote voluminous books, this old gentleman was the Geographer. He is the only geographer who always order the explorer to ravel the whole planet, then the geographers ask them questions, and he notes what they recall of their travels.

This snake represented a person that is sometimes misinterprets.

Three-Petaled Flower
The Three-petaled flower is the flower in the desert which is three petaled.

Roses in the Rose Garden

Railway Switchman
The railway switchman is the switchman of the railway. He sends off the trains and carries them off to the right or to the left.

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The merchant sells pills to quench thirst which could save time.

The fox is an animal who told the little prince: "What is essential is invisible to the eye."

The exposition of the story is when the little prince went to different planets and while he is on his ay he met different kinds of grown-ups.

A stranger called the Little Prince, meets the narrator, who is the pilot.
The narrator decides to first draw an elephant inside a boa constrictor. The narrator then draws three sheep, but the Prince ignores the picture. The narrator next draws a box and puts the sheep inside it; the Prince is satisfied with this drawing.
The Little Prince does not answer any questions about himself, making him seem very mysterious to the narrator. His curiosity is further aroused when the Little Prince asks him whether he has also come from another planet. The narrator interrupts the plot to explain his purpose in writing this book, which he has written in memory of his friend, the Little Prince. The Little Prince wants to know whether sheep can eat little bushes, for he hopes that the sheep on his planet can eat the young baobabs. The narrator learns that the Little Prince is very fond of sunsets. On the fifth day of their friendship, the Little Prince reveals to the narrator the secret of his life. The Prince asks the narrator the purpose behind flowers having thorns, but the narrator is too busy repairing his plane to pay attention to the question. The Prince grows angry when the narrator does not consider his question important. Since the Prince fears that the sheep may hurt the flower, the narrator says he will draw a muzzle for them so that they cannot destroy the flower.
The Prince tells the story of his special flower. Although the Little Prince found the flower to be exciting and beautiful, he was tormented by her vanity and exaggerations. Soon the Little Prince, normally filled with good will and love, began to doubt the flower, believing that she told many lies. On the morning of his departure from his planet, the Little Prince puts everything in perfect order. The Prince begins his interplanetary travels. The Prince arrives on asteroid 326, where he meets the conceited man. On the next asteroid, the Little Prince meets the tippler, who busies himself by drinking alcohol. Unable to understand the tippler's reasoning, the Little Prince goes on his way.
The Little Prince moves on to a fourth planet, which belongs to a businessman. When the Prince travels to the fifth planet, he finds it the strangest and the smallest. At the word, the Prince suddenly grows fearful for his precious flower. When the Little Prince lands on Earth, he describes it s an extraordinary planet. When the Prince arrives on Earth, the first living creature he meets is a snake. It tells the Little Prince that he should find the snake if he ever grows homesick.
Leaving the snake behind, the Prince crosses the desert. Since the flower is of no help, the Prince moves on through the desert.
Then the fox and the Prince talk about what it means to be tame. After the fox teaches the Little Prince how to tame him, the Prince obliges. After the fox is tamed, the Prince says he must depart. The Prince will always remember this lesson of the fox.
After he leaves the fox, the Little Prince encounters a railway switchman, who explains the nature of his job. When the Prince insists on talking about the importance of friends, the narrator can only think about a drink of water.
As the narrator works the pulley, the Little Prince thinks it sounds like singing. The Little Prince notices that his friend is quiet and asks to see his drawings again. The Little Prince reminds the narrator that he needs to draw him a muzzle for his sheep. The narrator realizes that the fear of the Prince's departure is the cause of his sad feelings.
The narrator honors the request. When he returns to the well the next evening, the narrator sees the Little Prince sitting on top of a wall near the well. When the Prince almost falls from the wall, the narrator rushes forward and catches him. He then asks the Prince why he is talking to snakes. Without answering, the Little Prince says that the narrator can now go home since he has fixed the engine on his plane. The narrator is surprised that the Prince knows this, for he has not said anything to him. The Prince then says he will also soon depart for home. The Little Prince tells the narrator not to stay with him during the night. When the Prince starts walking away, the concerned narrator catches up with him. In remembrance of his little friend, the narrator has written the story of the Prince six years after he met him.

The narrator is bothered by the fact that he never drew a muzzle for the Little Prince and worries that the sheep may have eaten the Prince's special rose. The narrator ends the book by drawing the landscape where he thinks the Little Prince appeared and disappeared on Earth.

The narrator tells his childhood.

The narrator next tells of how his plane crashed in the desert, where he met the Little Prince, a mystical creature from another planet. The narrator tells why the Prince left his planet and where he visited before coming to Earth. His adventures on six different planets are recounted, including the encounters with the king, the conceited man, the tippler, the businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer, the snake, the desert flower, the garden of roses, the railway switchman, the merchant, the fox, and the narrator.

The narrator and the Prince share a rewarding relationship on the desert, and when the Little Prince departs, the narrator misses his company. He writes the novel in memory of the Little Prince.
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