The Little Prince By Chen Mengran And Niemao Essay

The Little Prince By Chen Mengran And Niemao Essay

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There are studies from several aspects researching into The Little Prince In domestic research situation. Like the structure of intersubjectivity, the thinking of existentialism, symbolism, the angle of the point of view and the aesthetic meanings. About the structure of intersubjectivity, a dissertation called The Little Prince Migrate from The Book and The World——The Structure of Intersubjectivity written by a master student named Li Shuangli who studied in Northwest Polytechnic University in 2009 studied the pattern about exist——search——return and illustrated the meaning of intersubjective connection, communication and return. About the thinking of existentialism, an essay in a magazine named Qiusuo(2007(9)) called A Fairy Tale Style of Existentialism—— Put Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince as Example written by Chen Mengran and Niemao. It studied the pursuit of status of the writer, the spirit of the current society and the absurd world in the book, the purpose why the writer wrote it, why the writer used the fairy tale style which are all connect with existentialism and make gre...

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