Essay about The Little Mermaid By John Alvin

Essay about The Little Mermaid By John Alvin

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In 1989, John Alvin created a stunning movie poster for the soon-to-be iconic movie, The Little Mermaid. His visual contains movement and depth that creates a sense of wonder when the viewer looks at the poster. At first the viewer might look at John Alvin’s The Little Mermaid and see a story about a forbidden romance between the two main characters that are artfully rendered in the middle of the poster. However, when looking closer at the visual, the viewer can begin to gather all sorts of messages from John Alvin’s use of symbolic colors to project certain meanings and his placement of specific images to portray sexual attraction. Even Alvin’s careful positioning of the characters on the poster helps the viewer to further understand the plot and themes of the movie. (elaborated)
Considering character position is important in analyzing Alvin’s visual poster of The Little Mermaid. The artist shows how male dominance asserts itself in Ariel’s life. The prominent male character is Eric. He leans towards Ariel as she leans back, showing how Eric feels that he is dominant over Ariel. The artist shows how Ariel feels intimidated by Eric and wants to be independent of him, by the way Ariel looks away from Eric. John Alvin places Ariel’s father, King Triton, in the top left corner, another character position that is important of the analysis of this visual. The intentional placement of Ariel’s father looming over her illustrates how he wants to have control over Ariel and her choices, creating a reoccurring theme throughout the movie. Ariel’s father’s strict ruling over her is (started with “this”) part of the reason why Ariel feels the need to rebel. John Alvin’s careful character positioning shows how Ariel struggles to obey the mal...

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...h (elaborated). John Alvin chooses these images to convey a regal or fancy effect. The luxurious feel continues with the theme of hierarchy. King Triton has power over the whole kingdom, most harshly on his daughter. Ursula too has power over Ariel because they made an awful (WC) deal in spite of Ariel’s father.
John Alvin uses details in his visual (elaborated) to express to the viewer what the storyline of The Little Mermaid is all about. From his specific placement of characters and choice of colors to being able to elicit a feminist response just from his visual, John Alvin artfully creates a spectacular movie poster. However, Disney productions did not (write out) like all the elements of Alvin’s creation and ended up firing him for the images of sexual attraction. But Alvin’s poster of The Little Mermaid enticed and persuaded many viewers to go see the movie.

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