The Little Known Victims of the Holocaust Essay

The Little Known Victims of the Holocaust Essay

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The Little Known Victims of the Holocaust
Many people look back on the Holocaust today and realize that so many abysmal and hideous things happened. The genocide of the Jews is known but what may be less well documented is Hitler’s design to eradicate all groups other than the blue-eyed, fair-haired Aryans. So many of them were forgotten and just pushed in with the major race of the Jews, who were said to be unworthy of life. The people were not ready, nor expecting to be forced into such an egregious state of being. Adolf Hitler excruciatingly persecuted every race that he thought was unsuitable for his dream of a Master Race.
On September 1, 1939, Hitler began the start of World War II. He decided that he wanted to build what he called a Master Race. With that decision, he made up a legal document to exterminate whomever he thought was not suitable for his Master Race. The only suitable ones were the white people with blue eyes and blonde hair, otherwise known as the Aryans. Hitler had all the full-blood Germans under his command and he promised to have them all together in unison to regain peace. He had all of the educated people teach that their race was superior to others (Friedman 2).
Hitler, to keep his promise to the Germans, created the Nazi party to maintain order and to wipe out the unwanted. To go along with Hitler, the Nazis promoted Anti-Semitism. There were many laws that forbade harsh treatment to the human race but those laws did not mean anything to the Nazis; they broke every law and even beyond. Creating an ideal race began with having only Aryans present on Earth. Hitler’s desire was to have only people of Aryan descent, being somehow part of a past Iranian civilization from Europe. Even if they were ...

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...dreadful man. Having an idea to exterminate everyone except himself and full blood Germans was an outrageous thing to try to do. He managed to kill countless people, but thankfully someone realized that something needed to be done to stop him and his awful endeavors. The Holocaust left Hitler’s hideous stamp on history and needs to be remembered so it will never be repeated.

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