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Little Girls Or Little Women? Essay

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“ Little Girls or Little Women? - The Disney Princess Effect”

Are the little girl 's in America being cheated of their privilege of having a childhood? Stephanie Hanes, a freelance journalist, believes so and she decided to express her opinion in the article “ Little girls or Little women ? The Disney Princess Effect”. Hanes argues that today’s society is morally ambiguous because of the sexual messages being sent to young girls. In consequence of this , toddlers now aspire to attain the pre-teen goal to be sexy at such an early age. It all begins with the influence and example that The Disney princesses give to their young fans. For the reason that the article appeared in magazines and in the USA today , the targeted audience must be the parents and guardians that currently have female toddlers at home. The author connects with an audience by appealing to logos and a large amounts of pathos as well as ethos. Hanes used these ingredients to create an article worthy enough to inveigle the audience into thinking and convince them that Disney is responsible for corrupting young girls.

In the beginning of the article Hanes jumps directly to giving a testimony of a mother who has seen the cause and the effect of the issue. Hanes shares the story of Mary Finucane and her 3 year old daughter. Mary allegedly observed that her daughter has stopped playing like a toddler should, running etc., and instead began to play with dresses and heels after watching Princess movies. Mary also states that her daughter just sits in the front yard waiting for her so called prince charming ( Hanes 1). Hanes placed this at the beginning for a reason. For the argumentation that the audience will right away be hooked and question themselves a...

... middle of paper ...

...he audience might of felt betrayed by Disney for making and promoting movies/shows that cause that type of change in a little girls life in such an early stage. The audience could as well be questioning themselves if the Disney company was doing it on purpose. Hanes says ,“ Hannah Montana, then High School Musical. I thought it was so strange that these were the new trajectories of female childhood” ( Hanes 2).

In conclusion Hanes argument was constructed very well with plenty of evidence. Although there were some areas that were weak , there were some where the author presented her ability and the power as well as the potential that rhetorical appeals have to persuade. The article was persuasive and fulfilled its main purpose. The statistics and title captured the audience 's attention right away, which kept them engaged from the beginning to the end.

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