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Push, pull, push, pull.

His arms were about to fall off. Germany was more than sure. How long had they been at this? Ten minutes? matter, he’d find some way out of this....If only they’d listen to him.

“I’ve been his friend for years! You creep him out, he’s told me.” Damn Dane was lying his ass off. As if the German would dare utter an insult against the tall country.

“Ha! Good try, but I know MY Ludwig, and he never gossips, the boy thinks it’s rude.” And there goes Russia, his bonafide stalker. Since when had either of them become so outward in their romantic endeavors? Denmark snorted humorlessly.

“Boy? You see him as a kid? Well, by anyone’s standards you’re a certified pedophile!” Now that was low. Ivan seemed to believe as much, for his eyes went neon with an icy fury.

“See him as a child? Of course not. Just a young man who is too full of pride to realize he can’t take care of himself--of course. It’s not as if you two are the same age either--you’re centuries older than him! Although you act like a child as well.” Germany scoffed at that, he could take care of himself! He’s been doing it for centuries! Russia tugged his left arm hard enough to force the Dane to release his other, and by default Ludwig fell into the taller man’s arms. (Gracelessly.)

Flushing, Germany struggled against the strong embrace, but to no avail, Ivan wasn’t even paying attention to him. Rather, he was grinning smugly at a fuming Denmark.

“What makes you better?! Nothing!” Damn. This was a spectacle, and it was waisting precious conference time, he’d much rather get things done and go home than sit and listen to men fight --over-- him.

“Plenty of things! I--uh, I hav...

... middle of paper ...

... lashed back at him, and it knocked him to the ground with tiny Gilbirds tweeting and swooping around his head.

Germany released the pipe to the ground. It created a satisfying thunk against the carpeted floors.

Suddenly, the Netherlands meandered his way. Taking his sweet time, the Dutch reached the German, and stared at him stoically. Ludwig shifted, but before he could question him, Lars reached down and threw the blond over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Making sure to trudge over both their hand as he left, the dutch called back to the fallen nations.

“I’m taking Germany’s V-card off his hands...hope you don’t mind.”

Russia and Denmark slowly reanimated, barely becoming lucid in time to see Lars carry off a flustered German, who was currently shouting, ranting, and beating on his back.

Prussia wondered if he should help out his little brother.

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