Lithuania’s Freedom From the Soviets Essay

Lithuania’s Freedom From the Soviets Essay

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It was all a part of his plan, Stalin that is. Or at least that’s what I hear. The lady in the red coat loves to spew random facts. She loves to show everyone how smart she is, her ignorance is as big as her belly. She loves to brag about her pure gold watch that her husband bought her for her birthday. Well congratulations, we are being forcefully taken away from our homes in cattle trains like animals but at least you can tell time. The whole two month ride I sat there trying to focus on my sewing and was always interrupted by her constant talking. But finally something useful came out of her mouth. She says this is all a part of Stalin’s plan to rid Lithuania of all its people so we can go and work to provide resources for the Soviets. She says we are to be deported to Siberia. I saw others being deported, many of my coworkers started to disappear but I never thought much of it; I thought I would be safe. But then my father and brother joined the Forest Brothers, the army resistance fighting against the Soviets, and my mother and I soon found ourselves leaving the only life we ever knew. I was forced out of my quiet, happy life as a seamstress to be forced into a cramped cattle train that smelled like sickness and death mixed in with tears of sorrow. Even worse I hardly had any room to do my needlework! But life off the cattle trains is even worse, we must work in the bitter cold and snow; of the desolate Altai mountain region chopping down trees to give to the NKVD guards so they can kindle their fires while we freeze to death. My life know goes according to Stalin’s plan and my vision for the future is as dull as my brown stringy hair that won’t fit into a bun anymore and my hazel eyes now see through a world of gray. My body...

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...lives joining the resistance for Lithuania’s freedom from the Soviets and I’d just go and run off with one. And my mother would lose her whole family, it’ll shatter her. I finish my days work and go back to my tent. It is almost sunset and I know he’ll be waiting for me. I don’t really think he is the enemy, he’s just doing his job for his own survival just like me. Maybe he really does love me and just wants to keep me safe. But I won’t meet him at the oak tree, he’ll have to go without me. While he rows away I’ll stay behind and work to support my mother and I. I’ll comfort her while she screams for my father’s and brother’s return. And every so often I’ll wonder what would’ve happened if I had ran away with but then I’ll quickly quiet those thoughts because I know I did what’s right. If I were to be but a traitor or die loyal to my country, then I’d rather die.

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