Essay on Literature Review : The United States

Essay on Literature Review : The United States

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Literature Review
The United States has seen a surge in immigrant population. While most are coming from parts of the Hispanic world, non-natives are showing up in America from across the globe. This evolution in immigration growth has created issues within the school systems and is giving pause to what should occur in the public schools to handle the growing needs of these new settlers.
In an article by Maria Kromidas, the growing immigration school community is assisted through an action she deems as elementary cosmopolitanism. This, according to the author, is a “living curriculum” that either changes, undermines, or causes the decay of ideologies that could and would polarize social relations within the schools in the city of New York” (Kromidas, 583). She explores how race go beyond inequality, but it encompasses understanding, explaining and acting in the world. Words such as raciology-“historically situated common sense about race” (Kromidas, 582), and multiculturalism are used to identify a commonality between the two words.
This article shows that through the eyes of nine, ten, and eleven year old children of New York City who are directly involved in the study, how students use simple techniques to overcome the difficulties of understanding and accepting differences of other races and nationalities and in turn, show up the good in these cultures. Learned differences from everyday life, those relevant variances of the nine, ten and eleven year olds are used more effectively than any teacher led instructions. The kids in the article come from neighborhoods where various races and multicultural families’ live and the school districts follow these patterns within these families, diversified classes. Who we are and how th...

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... cosmopolitanism to embrace and accept the differences of other cultures by using bridging and crossing to understand cultural variances. Another way is to make sure that policies and programs are readily available for the children who are rushing into America from these countries and need our assistance to work toward reaching their dreams. And if we have open minds, our compassion will extend to all regardless to whether these students are coming in as undocumented or citizen-born non-natives.
Yes, America wants to make sure that all immigrant children are afforded the opportunities of an appropriate education. How are these opportunities going to be regulated and censored? What efforts have been implemented to address the growing group of undocumented immigrants who are seeking asylum and need the assistance of school districts to provide appropriate education?

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