Literature Review : The Process, And The Product Essay

Literature Review : The Process, And The Product Essay

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The literature review consists of the process, and the product. It identifies the research problem, purpose, and questions which leads to the identification the research approach and design. Literature review identifies the gap in a study. Four types of literature are: Literature reviews, meta-analyses, research articles, and theory pieces. (Petty, R., & Guthrie, J., 2000). A good literature review produces a strong foundation to advancing knowledge. Literature is the foundation for theory, and is used to find areas where research is needed. It provides a strong basis for the research topic, selection of research methodology, and prove that the proposed research adds something new to the existing knowledge. Literature review provides a solid theoretical foundation for a proposed study. (Petty, R., & Guthrie, J., 2000).
Theoretical framework has a strong scientific research base in study. After determining the problem statement and research question, theories and ideas supporting the subject chosen. Theoretical framework provides scientific justification a rationale for doing a research and investigating a research problem. theoretical framework provides the structure that guides a study. The theoretical framework helps reduce biases and helps the reader understand the researcher’s perspective and context. (Webster, J., & Watson, R. T., 2002).
The selected articles were picked on the basis that they directly focused on the effectiveness of behavior management therapy in managing disruptive/challenging behaviors in older adults with the diagnosis of Dementia with behavior disturbance admitted to the nursing homes. The article “Dementia carer education and patient behavior disturbance. International journal of geriatric psychiatry...

... middle of paper ...

... data; however, no particular source was mentioned. This article provides a systemic view of the behavior of the hospital staffs as well as general health care staffs. The author shows the different strategic approaches for the different emotional states as well as different situations and wraps up the result showing the impact of the strategies on those situations. (Duffy, M., 2003). The treatment or the interventions taken by the author are applicable on almost all types of patients. The researcher covered different types of behaviors as well as hospital staffs, such as demanding behavior, dependent behavior, narcissistic behavior, the behavior of dementia patients, etc. Therefore, it can be said that the outcomes of this article are very much helpful for the patients. The treatment discussed in this paper is practicable in the current setting. (Duffy, M., 2003).

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