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Professional Literature Review
The article I chose to review was the Sept. 2015, Vol. 53, Issue 1, of the Science & Children Journal. The title of the article was GIMMIE AN “E”! The abstract for the article was, “The article focuses on strategies used by teachers to support children’s learning in physical science and engineering with the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM Education). It mentions the statement of National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) on early childhood science. It adds instructors, coaches and teachers engaged in the professional development program Cultivating Young Scientists (CYS) to implement a unit on the topic of Building structures.”
This article provides seven strategies that early childhood educators can utilize, in order to engage and promote pre-school children in the mindset of the engineering. Why should educators introduce science and engineering to preschoolers? Science Professionals and Early Childhood Educators believe when children are exposed to, explore and engage in constructive and dramatic play, they are building a natural contextual foundation for identifying, addressing, and solving engineering design problems. Does that seem like a farfetched idea? Actually, if you think about it, the professionals and educators have a very valid point. The children are exploring what type, size, shape, and material work best for specific structural functions. For example, the child is building a barn for his play animals he/she has to explore and discover which blocks work best for the walls, roof, doors, and windows. They are naturally thinking about ideas such as, “How do I keep my roof from (Stability) falling in? Which blocks are better for holding up (Stre...

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...resting and educational. The article also justified my many purchases and time spent with my own children. I wanted my sons to have the type of wooden blocks that I played with as a child. I bought them every type of building and construction toys when they were small. I spent many hours in the floor playing with tool sets, wooden building kits, wooden blocks, abstract shape puzzles, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Marble Runs, Geometric Connecting Shapes, Magformers, and Melissa and Doug products etc. My son is ten now and is intrigued with building Colbi Army vehicles. He says he wants to be a mechanical engineer for the armed forces designing vehicular warfare. I agree that our educational system should place more emphasis on the introduction of STEM education at an early age.

Hoisington, C., & Winokur, J. (2015). GIMMIE AN "E". Science & Children , 44 - 51.

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