Essay on Literature Review: Oral Health

Essay on Literature Review: Oral Health

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1. Literature Review
1.1 Significance of Oral Health
Oral health is important to everyone. People may need to face their own oral problems. Some important findings has been explored. According to the 2001 Oral health Survey established by Department of Health(2001) in Hong Kong and Annual Report 2010 of Bureau of Health Promotion in Taiwan(2010), 9 persons in ten have different level of periodontal disease. This indicates that people may not maintain a good oral health and do not have enough knowledge to having good oral health. Serious periodontal disease may affect the normal life of people. They may difficult to chew and loss of tooth affects the appearance of the people.

Getting a good oral health can show the condition of body and reduce the getting other diseases in our body. Some reports have shown that periodontal disease has a relationship with a stroke, heart disease. Pregnant with periodontal disease also get a higher chance having low birth weight babies. Oral infections are the symptoms of some of the diseases. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2000)Furthermore, a survey found that the dental decay and poor oral hygiene are the potential risk factors of having pneumonia. Also, a better oral health can reduce the occurrence of pneumonia. (Azarpazhooh & Leake, 2006) Maintaining oral health not only a matter of oral, but also related to our health of whole body. In addition, people with loss of tooth may not chew food enough, which may cause the digestive problems of digestive system. People may not underestimated the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

1.4 Research
The following research will be focused on discussing the knowledge and attitude towards oral health.
In a research in North Jorda...

... middle of paper ...

...ureau of Health Promotion. (2010). Bureau of Health Promotion Annual Report. Taiwan: Bureau of Health Promotion.
Department of Health (2001). 2001 Oral Health Survey. Hong Kong: Department of Health

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