Literature Review on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Essay example

Literature Review on Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Essay example

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Underwater wireless sensor networks are significantly different from terrestrial sensor networks in which sound is mainly used as the communication medium. This paper reviews the main challenges caused by the underwater environment for the development of efficient under water sensor networking solutions and introduces several novel medium access control (MAC) protocols with power control to increase efficiency and save on energy.
I. Introduce
Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSN) has received growing interest recently. It has many applications potentially in ocean graphic data collection, water quality monitoring, surveillance purposes and national security purposes. UWSN consist of a certain number of sensors that interact to send data to the onshore or surface sink node and perform collaborative tasks. Different applications have different reliability requirements. Thus data reliability is one of the most important requirements for data transmission. However, it would be a challenging task to assure reliable data delivery between the sensor nodes and the sink node, because the network performance is subject to the limitations and constraints of the complex underwater environment.
In this paper review, the main challenges of the UWSN MAC protocol design are introduced. Then the related works of existing reliable MAC protocols for UWSN are reviewed and summarized.
II. Challenges of MAC protocol for UWSN[1]
Compared to radio waves used in terrestrial sensor networks, which would have very high attenuation underwater, acoustic waves has better propagation characteristics in water, making it the preferred method for underwater communications. Hence acoustic channel is used as a link for communication in underwater sensor...

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