Literature Review on Advertising Essay

Literature Review on Advertising Essay

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2.1 Introduction
Advertising is increasingly important in our modern life (Munusamy & Wong, 2007). It was because it can use to transmit a message to a great number of audiences easily (Al-Boloshi, 2010). Hence, many researchers have done their research about advertising. For example, there are many researchers test about the entertainment, informativeness, and credibility of mobile advertising (Haghirian & Madberger, 2005; Chowdhury et al., 2010; Al-Boloshi, 2010). Nonetheless, the rapid development on internet has made the usage of online advertising frequently move upward (Yunos, Gao, & Shim, 2003). Hence, this has intensified the interest of researchers to do relevant studies about advertising.
While many researchers have been dedicated to examining advertising, the essential of attitude towards advertising has also been recognized. Attitude towards advertising is known as a vital concept to identify the effectiveness of advertising (Lutz, 1985; Mehta & Purvis, 1995; Mehta, 2000; Ling et al., 2010). The impact on attitude towards advertising which in turn can also influence behavioral intention (Wolin et al., 2002). Besides, as the precursor of attitude towards advertising, beliefs about advertising is also important to investigate (Tan & Chia, 2007). As another precursor, personal values are adopted to investigate in this study (Kopanidis, 2009). Therefore, this study is set up to investigate the antecedent and outcome of attitude towards advertising.

2.2 Attitude towards Advertising
Attitude is the best evaluation tools towards objects, people, and issues (Solomon, Marshall, & Stuart, 2008). In the simplest way, attitude is a mindset that enables to affect a person behavior or their action on...

... middle of paper ... (Al-Boloshi, 2010). They use TRA as their underpinning basis to study their research. For example, in Al-Boloshi’s study (2010), he was using three components to direct the respondent behavior. The three items are behavioral, normative, and control. Attitude towards behavior is also used to guide the construction of behavioral intention. Ultimately, intention is used to predict the behavior (Al-Boloshi, 2010). Moreover, there is also researcher adopted TRA in advertising, For instance, in de Run & Ting research (2013), they have adopted TRA to study students attitude towards advertising. They use attitude to determine behavior and intention, and which in turn beliefs are used to predict attitude (de Run & Ting, 2013). Hence, in this study, beliefs will be used as one of the antecedent to predict attitude, and behavioral intention will be determined by attitude.

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