Essay on Literature Review : ' Double System Theory '

Essay on Literature Review : ' Double System Theory '

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Feminist theory is the extension of feminism into theoretical, fictional or philosophical dissertation. It helps to explain the main nature of gender inequality. It further explains the social roles of women in the society such as education, communication, philosophy, sociology and so on (Chodrow, Nancy 1991).
Feminist theory helps to analyze gender inequality and its themes which are discrimination, sexual objectification, oppression, stereotyping and so on.
Feminism encompasses diverse perspectives that are liberal, radical, and postmodern versions. Feminism is placed as a separate critique or even the understanding of conventional international relations theory that offers an alternative perspective and starting point for both theory and also practice (Viotti & Kauppi 2011).
Feminists believe that education is an agent of secondary socialization that helps to enforce patriarchy. Cultural transmission has made known the way culture and precisely expectations of the genders can be transmitted from one generation to another. While Sylvia Walby’s ‘‘triple system theory’’ argues that experiences of ethnicity and class complicate what it means to be a female so we have to combine patriarchy with capitalism and racism to understand how girls are affected. It is good to know that most societies treat men and women differently and their differences are due to clear biological variance between the male and female.
Female education is a term for a complex set of issues and debates surrounding education in primary, secondary, university education. It involves areas of gender equality and access to education, and its connection to alleviate poverty (Brent 2006).
The role of women in child bearing h...

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...hers and school textbooks have always used gendered languages like; he, him, man and men when referring to people which tends to relegate women and make them look invisible. Then again gendered roles in which reading schemes have also made males and females in the traditional gender roles and stereotypes like making women as housewives and mothers that don’t do anything but taking care of the children and looking after the house, while men are depicted as hard workers that provide for the family, as physically strong, adventurous than girls and leaders then girls are seen as followers (Colley 1998).
The research question is very important because the issue of gender disparities in school still exists and it affects girls not only in Nigeria but also internationally. Feminists have certainly broken it down over the years as it affects women all over the world greatly.

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