Essay on Literature in My Mind

Essay on Literature in My Mind

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Literature is culture; it is history; it is life lessons. Anne Sexton once said, “Poetry should be a shock to the senses. It should also hurt.” Literature can teach us things about the past that we would have never known otherwise. It allows people to look into cultures that they would not be able to experience if these short stories and poems had never been written. It teaches and influences people to live life to the fullest, and to not worry about what other people think.
I learned through the readings in this course that I really do not make a strong connection with literature. Yes, it is a great way to experience the life of others, and hear stories from other people, and learn about the culture of past generations, but I just am not much of a reader or a writer. I would much rather sit down and watch a movie about the past than read about it. With that being said, I believe whether one likes it or not he or she should have to study literature because it can really change ones life, and that is why the course is required.
History and literature are woven together. The history that is shown throughout literature taught me what went on during the past couple of hundred years. History is not all about politics and who did what, when, where, and why. History tells us about the people of their time. Studying literature will help us to better understand why things happened the way they did and will help us to better prepare for things to come. I learned new things about times of poverty during the great depression. This was a time when the stock market crashed and people lost everything they had. I also learned that Sylvia Plath was the first person to win the Pulitzer Prize after death. Literature described events and circumst...

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...terature teaches us new ways to communicate with one another. If one can communicate strongly with others than he or she is considered the have the main tool of governance. It will allow us to recognize and use literary devices to write an important speech that we will give to our boss one day, or maybe a speech to become a political leader.
Literature has really taught me about myself in several ways. Without literature this world would not have near as much knowledge about how it has evolved. It teaches us so much about ourselves and what our lives mean. After studying literature I can really see more about myself and how I feel about different aspects of life. It really opens my mind up to a new world. Without literature I would not have been able to search deep down and really find out who I am. Every time I read a story I find out something new about myself.

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