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No one can guess what will be of value in 200 years. It could range from things as wild as Tulips or Bat Guano. Paintings range from always obscure to wildly valuable. Technology would be foolish to try and preserve, for what good is something only 50 years ahead of the microprocessor; when the year is 2210? So for my ancestors I would give the nicest Hardback books that I feel have influenced my life. This collection would include (with prices from Amazon): Orwell's dystopian 1984 ($15.60), A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson ($20), Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings ($65), and the core rulebooks of Dungeons & Dragons ($66.12).
Orwell's prediction for the world of 1984 did not come true, but the Western society has been slipping into the world of Airstrip One ever since. I can not claim to know whether there will be a superpower of Oceania or Eurasia considering the decolonization of Britian, and the fall of the Soviet Union; but the book is a timeless testament of the power of government's to utilize new technologies to maintain power. Only 26 years since that fated year and there are all new technologies that can track mass groups of people and platforms where people willfully post illegal activities. Even 200 years from now, I believe that 1984 will be a valuable guide to understanding the relationship of social classes and the ways that governments of the 20th century discovered to stop revolutions prematurely. The Short History of Nearly Everything would be obviously outdated by the time it reached my ancestor's hand (thus missing out on .0000044% of earths history), but the style that Bryson puts into this scientific history is what makes it timeless. The processes of gathering the knowledge of ...

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... No. But I hope that it will ultimately bring my ancestor closer to understanding what life was like for those at the turn of the 21st century. More specifically I would want my ancestor to know how I felt about government, the history of science, the world of Tolkien's fantasy, and my favorite game, which united a large group of mostly socially disenfranchised youth. This present to the future would bring to my ancestors expanded cultural open mindedness and respect for those who proceeded them.

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