Literature Fest : A Very Intriguing Event Essay examples

Literature Fest : A Very Intriguing Event Essay examples

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Literature fest was a very intriguing event. I am not a very frequent reader so coming into the festival I found myself a tad bit pessimistic of it, especially knowing that I would eventually have to write a paper summarizing my experiences throughout a few of the events. I asked myself several questions, the most prominent question of them all being “How will I write about something that does not intrigue me?” I quickly dismissed the thought by telling myself I would have to complete the assignment whether I liked it or not. Half-heartedly I drove to the event dreading having to sit and listen to someone read another uninteresting book to me. It felt like I was a kid again getting ready to hear my mother read another one of her somewhat sleep inducing books that she deemed exciting. As I began to walk into the venue I started to see faces who were just as excited as I was to be there. Expressionless demeanors as if the semester was wrapping up and people were trying to grab that last bit of extra credit just to fall short of the C they needed just to get by with. I sat down ...

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