Literature Can Help Reduce Stress Essay

Literature Can Help Reduce Stress Essay

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Heinrich Heine, a German poet once said, “Where books are burned, in the end, people will be burned.” Literature can gather individuals together and expand their general knowledge. I know that I met my current friends through the novels I read and my interest in reading. Since I started reading at a young age, I have never stopped obtaining information or discovering my own personal interests. Reading is a significant part of my life and I know I can turn to literature when I feel that the pressures of school or family become considerable harmful for my mentality. “Reading can be a wonderful (and healthy) escape from the stress of everyday life” ("Reading for Stress Relief"). Literature can help reduce stress because it is enjoyable. Whether or not someone reads to expand their knowledge or just as hobby, they will benefit mostly when they are reading something they truly have interest in or take pleasure in. Sitting down and relaxing with a book that is enjoyable will help relaxation occur and aid in a more peaceful life.
Primarily, reading can be a distraction from a problem that might be encroaching in on life. Occasionally, there can be increased stressors because families fight, work can pile up, and it seems like there is a never ending list of chores to do. Literature can help take away the workload weighing people down because it can simply distract a person and keep their problems out of mind for an hour or two. Anthony Burgess does a satisfying job of creating a novel that can help take my mind off my current problems and relieve any stress I might have. In A Clockwork Orange, the informal language leads to a distraction or subliminal message hiding the violence in the novel. Burgess uses this literary device frequently...

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...n why people read literature could be different for everyone, but one point that stands out in most cases is that people enjoy reading for pleasure. I take joy in reading a novel that has my interests in it along with a good plotline or character development. Reading for pleasure directly connects to the idea about how reading can reduce stress because literature can take you from your personal issues and have them forgotten for the time being while bringing you on an adventure you are sure to never forget. Heinrich Heine stated that people will be burned if books burn and I completely agree because reading literature as a hobby or an as escape can ultimately destroy any stress you have and benefit life along the way. It is important to not take up bad habits while under stress and deciding to choose literature over harmful habits will contribute to a healthier life.

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