Literary Works Commands The Reader Essay

Literary Works Commands The Reader Essay

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When I first started this semester I felt and truly believed the actual text itself is has much more importance than the author’s intentions. I also felt the reader’s response had very little value. I went to school in California. My last English teacher had put a great emphasis on the text itself. As I was taught the words themselves hold all the power. I felt the author’s intentions were merely not important. It was okay if a reader misconstrued what the author had intended for his or her audience. I felt the reader and audience of the text were able portray and misrepresent the text to their liking. Take a symbolic interpretation of what they wanted the text to assume to arouse there literary mind. I feel each published writing is commands the reader to feel or express a forced emotion. Many published literary works commands the reader to despair. The inscription I feel is very powerful and has the ability to command the reader. How can we validate and interpret what we have read? I believe the reader can justify each particular reading in an intriguing manner. We constantly have to question is each reading a legit piece of literature. I feel it is very important to properly understand if each particular reading is valid. I truly feel each writing represents a paradox. We must be excellent readers and have high expectations for each text. To read well is to read accurately and faithfully. After the semester has finished I feel the authors intentions are the most important. To identify and analyze what the intent was will make the reading valid. I also feel the reader’s response is just as apparent and important. The reader response I think is only valid and legit. If he or she is responding to the authors true intentions. The...

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...gender differences in literary texts. For example The Yellow wall paper was quite a compelling story It showed the powerfulness and authority men had over women. A man was so dominant that he added to the mental breaking down of a women who wanted to be liberated and free to read and other joyous activities. I think language and speech is fundamentally different from writing itself. Racial otherness is a heavy issue and plays a big role. I feel when reading it’s beneficial to establish who had the academic authority. From what I read it said black women are silenced both as black and female. We must understand the hardships of characters in order to understand why they write in the style they do. We look farther than what the literary text says. Pro-structuralism pays attention to the meaning. I think it’s important to understand how does the author enters the canon.

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