Essay on The Literary Theory Of Deconstruction

Essay on The Literary Theory Of Deconstruction

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The literary theory of deconstruction, derived from the the poststructuralist movement, asserted that structuralist theory that language shapes our world consequently meant that “we enter a universe of radical uncertainty, since we can have no access to a landmark”Barry. If language had no shape, there is no need for a reliable narrator to tell a story and why an unreliable narrator cannot. The unreliable narrative structure, is simply a fixed piece of the story, there are themes, motifs and allegories involved in the piece as well. Jean Boulliard, a literary critic theorized that our “reality was increasingly being replaced by sign systems that recodified and replaced the real”R&R(365), through this thought process an unreliable narrative was simply a tool for illustrating a greater meaning to the story, the narrative was simply a tool to disguise the truth. Boulliard’s theory expanded into literature, the the story is just signs than the story is not the textual representation but a philosophical commentary. For example in “Lost Heart” the significance of the trustworthy servants and erratic master, the unreliable narrative of the story could also symbolize something greater than their roles, the thought process would lead to a greater understanding of writings and begin a relationship built on curiosity with the unreliable narrator. The movement gave greater purpose to the individual characters and their relationship in a piece of work. The maid no longer represented a maid but the working class and the unreliable narrative also had a purpose to leave a small amount of distrust and suspicion in the story as a way to create a story closer to reality and the empirical rationalisation of events.
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...e of progressing the story. Propp stated that stories are all connected through a variety of different building blocks which can be mixed and matched into various categories and genre. The critic however disregarded the new cultural concepts utilized to explain the plot and instead regarded the textual representation of the text. Consequently narratives received a higher standing and craved greater clarity.The unreliable narrative is a necessary and important literary tool, utilized as an impartial commentary to discuss philosophical and moral dilemmas. Narratology defined as “the study of how narratives make manning, and what the basic mechanism and procedures, it examines the literary texts as a culture and the nature of the story itself. Narratology expanding upon the concept of multiple conscious’ predicates that there is a distinction between ‘plot’ and ‘story”.

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