Literary Theory : A Tool That Deepens Personal Understanding Of Texts Essay

Literary Theory : A Tool That Deepens Personal Understanding Of Texts Essay

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Literary theory gives people the opportunity to look at texts from different perspectives. It’s a tool that deepens personal understanding of texts. “Literary theory is the set of concepts and intellectual assumptions on which rests the work of interpreting literary texts.” (Brenton, Vice) It gives people the opportunity to look at texts from different perspectives. We all comprehend texts, art, etc. and literary theory helps us to understand literature a little better than we did before. You might read something and find a lot of details that you missed when you didn’t have literary theory to help you. For example, you can read something and feel like you have a complete and total understanding of everything you read and be wrong. Not to say your opinion of what it meant is wrong so someone else because no opinion is wrong. I just mean that you may have read and understood the text wrong and based your interpretation off of that and come up with something completely far away from the truth, but if you use literary theory when reading your texts it will help you deepen your understanding so that you can see if your interpretation of what you read is the same or not.
I think I chose this text for the same reasons I chose my theories. I went through all of the texts that we were assigned and none of them really interested me that much. When I got to this one, I saw it was pretty long, but I didn’t let it discourage me. I started skimming through it and it’s kind of like a switch went off inside of me signaling to let me know, this is the one. I feel like I connect with it from a racial standpoint. No, this text is not necessarily about slavery, but about natives being forced into “colonization” by people of an opposite color so thi...

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...ism book it really wasn’t in some ways. The natives never got their voices heard, and when it’s all said and done the book was a little biased to me. Although they opened up about how bad the Europeans were, they still made the natives seem like savages. They compared how bad the Europeans were to how barbaric the natives were and I can’t believe I didn’t notice that before. They still made it seem like the natives were some crazed uncivilized people.
Literary theory definitely helps you to deepen your understanding of texts. I really helped to open my eyes to what was really going on in this text because I was really off. To not notice something as big as the discriminatory things this book puts out and to actually see it as something good is extremely upsetting to me. I feel like I must not have understood the text well enough before if I really did not see that.

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