“Literary Techniques Used in Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare Essay

“Literary Techniques Used in Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare Essay

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In what way do the techniques used in a prescribed text develop ideas and influence your response as a reader? The revenge tragedy, “Hamlet”, by William Shakespeare is a tale of murder, secrets and lies where a son is called upon by the ghost of his father to avenge his death. Shakespeare uses a range of techniques in order to influence the reader’s understanding of “Hamlet’s” main themes and ideas. The most effective techniques used within the play are the soliloquies that give depth of both character and story, the powerful displays of imagery used within the play, and the dual understanding that emphasizes the connection between king and country. Through these techniques Shakespeare is able to develop the play in such a way that influences the reader by communicating a deeper meaning and a more complex understanding.

Soliloquies are one of the most important techniques used within “Hamlet”. Soliloquies give the audience a deeper insight into the emotions and mental state of the character. Shakespeare uses soliloquies to allow the audience to feel the depth of emotion in Hamlets character. In Hamlets perhaps most famous soliloquy he cries out, “to be or not to be, that is the question/Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, /Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, /And by opposing end them (Act III, I, 56).” This quote furthermore reveals a part of the story that would be otherwise hidden to the reader, for example, his state of mind and also his desire to commit suicide in order to escape the pain of his life. The reader’s response, in result, is altered as it is made clear that Hamlet is obviously struggling to come to ter...

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...revenge will come (Act IV, VII, 25).” This act of murder reflects upon the society through the vengeful advance of Fortinbras and his army upon Denmark in pursuit of reclaiming his father’s land. This dual understanding gives the play an additional element of excitement and intensifies the overall meaning and depth of the play through the relation to political elements of the surrounding society. The technique of dual understanding creates depth within “Hamlet” and influences the reader to examine the deeper meaning of the overall play.

Through the elements of technique portrayed in this essay, it is clear to see that Shakespeare is able to influence the reader through soliloquies, imagery, and dual understanding. This overall influence being both the communication of a deeper meaning, and a more complex understanding of the events and statements within “Hamlet”.

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