Literary Techniques And Literary Devices Essay

Literary Techniques And Literary Devices Essay

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“No word matters. But man forgets reality and remembers words.” - Roger Zelazny. When someone reads a book, what is it that keeps them captivated? The answer is most likely the narrative technique the author used. Narrative technique consists of several specific methods an author of a narrative uses to convey his or her key points. These methods used range from the perspective the author uses to the narration , speech and tense of their work. Kafka uses several literary techniques and literary devices to deliver his message in “Metamorphosis”.

The vantage point of which Franz Kafka writes this novel is narrated in two parts: first-person narration, and a third-person limited narration. The story is told by an omniscient narrator , meaning he is aware of what is going on the story; he also takes part as a character.From the first person narration, the story is presented from the perspective of the character, Gregor. The second part of the narration is exclusively in third person. It focuses primarily on Gregor’s actions ,thoughts, and emotions. The third-person narration describes the situations that Gregor experiences, hears, or imagines from his surroundings. So the narrator goes where the Gregor goes and occasionally the other characters, and he is able to reveal his thoughts. This causes to reader to understand the events of the narrative from the point of view of the protagonist, Gregor.The most unique technique Kafka uses is the interior monologue where he draws the reader into Gregor’s thought processes. The narrative format through which the story is communicated is placed in an author surrogate perspective. This perspective means that the characters of a narrative supports the author’s personal views. It can unintentio...

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...hanging emotionally. Kafka was conscious of his decisions made throughout the book. Like why he used a beetle instead of any other insect. Humans tend to have an aversion to insects and in this case,the protagonist is shunned by his family and the rest of humankind.By illustrating Gregor in this way, the author enhances his theme of human isolation .

Kafka uses several literary techniques and literary devices to deliver his message in “Metamorphosis”. The narrative technique of a story makes its plot more complex, interesting and captivating. The novel is an existential allegory of human seclusion and the approach Kafka uses to convey his message is brilliant. He used a spate of conscious technique taking into consideration the genre, speech, tense, perspective and narration he manipulated to reflect the psychological complexity of the story’s protagonist and plot.

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