Literary Reviews On Eight Primary Leadership Strategies From The New Testament By Robert D. Dale

Literary Reviews On Eight Primary Leadership Strategies From The New Testament By Robert D. Dale

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This paper will explore some literary reviews on eight primary sources about being a pastor in a local ministry community. A pastor needs to train the congregation to help assist the community in their need. The literature review will include some strategies for providing ministry support in a local congregation.
Literary Reviews Books:
Robert D. Dale, Leading Edge: Leadership Strategies from the New Testament. Some Pastors have a strong desire for making a request to advance leadership. Robert Dale shares four primary leadership strategies from the New Testament. Focus is a strategy about the study of Jesus ' mission and His command influence. Flexibility is the plan acquired by learning as the Church increase through the Acts of Apostles.() Moreover Dale states, Future-Orientation is the means stressed through the Pastoral Epistles. Feasibility is the Strategy unfolded in the Book of Revelation when the churches are in a critical situation or survival procedure.() Each strategy is exemplified with practical suggestions for the life of congregations so that pastors can improve leadership skills with integrity and influence.
Peter L. Steinke, Healthy Congregations: A Systems Approach. Congregations are emotional structures. He pinpoints factors that put members at risk for distress and conflicts, ten principles of health, how the congregants can choose new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, and how spiritually and emotionally capable leaders influence the emotional organization.()
Eddie Gibbs, Church Next: Quantum Changes in How We Do Ministry. While new church models have challenges, each challenge has strengths and limitations. Eddie Gibbs proposes nine areas in which the church will need to transform to be biblically...

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...c organizations to pursue the common good of the community.() Moreover, such collaboration becomes possible only when civil society works purpose- and not paradigm-driven. Based on the moral sense that founded in natural law, Christians can be socially active within civil society in search of the greatest benefit for all people.() Christians can be an inspiration to others as well as themselves when they deny themselves and do the work of God for the betterment of the Kingdom.
To sum up, these eight literary reviews are part of the final project about pastors understanding what it means to lead a congregation by training as well as seeking to help the community arrive at their destiny and purpose that God has ordained for them. The Bible says iron sharpen iron. However, a pastor cannot sharpen his congregation if he has a dull edge, so he/she too must be trained.

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