Literary Devices Used By The Devine Comedy Essay example

Literary Devices Used By The Devine Comedy Essay example

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There is a balance in life between actions and consequences. Literary devices in The Devine Comedy help in the development of themes in the Novel. Dante Alighieri’s book tries to convey the message of karma. The use of plot, conflict, imagery, juxtaposition, and motif reveal themes of justification and punishment in Dante’s Inferno.
The plot of The Inferno sets up the road for sinners and their respective crimes. The setting and course of the novel optimize the revelation of theme. There is no better place to go to see punishments. Hell is a final destination for people to pay for their poor decisions on earth. Dante the character has a chance to see a universe full of suffering that no one else can see. Dante the author gets to create a world full of distinct punishments that are warranted to specific crimes. Before the journey is started, the famous poet Virgil approaches Dante, as he is lost in the forest. He tells Dante to “leave behind all hesitation” because they are to make a heart-racing journey to “see the miserable people, those who have lost the good of the intellect” (Alighieri 3).
Virgil explains that there are going to be people struggling through their punishments, so Dante needs to be warned. This eerie explanation about the future trip sets up a long road for future punishments and justifications. Mark Van Doren states, “out of terror will come knowledge—of what caused the darkness, and of better light beyond” (The Sewanee Review, 351) referring to all of the knowledge and terros Dante will process throughout his journey. The winding plot of Hell paves way to the assorted justifications. The setting in Hell gives the reader a scary sensation that provokes the presentation of sin and punishment.
Through the use of...

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... announces that he has “seen everything” that needs to be seen and that it is “time to leave” (Alighieri 34). After what seems like hundreds of different punishments, the contrapassos are over. The message has been spread. Every sin will be justified.
All of the literary themes presented in the essay bring up the theme of justification and punishment in Dante’s Inferno. The themes seem to reach out and grab the reader’s attention, drawing their focus towards the punishments. Then the reader is able to compare each justification with the implemented literary devices. There would not be a story without some type of conflict. There would not be any significant story. The imagery is necessary to explain the severity of each punishment. The plot guides the reader through the journey in Hell, and the other literary devices assist in guiding the reader through that journey.

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