Literary And Author 's Writing And The Purpose Behind Their Stories Essay

Literary And Author 's Writing And The Purpose Behind Their Stories Essay

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After finishing English 125, I have gained a lot of understanding on literary and author’s writing and the purpose behind their stories. English literature teach me how to read the work, how to understand the inside meaning of the story or poem that I was assigned to read. The three main literary that you will expect to learn in English class are: short story, poetry, and drama.
First of all is about short story. The very first question you will need to know the answer right away is “What is the short story?” Short story is a brief fictional prose narrative that is shorter than a novel and it usually have a few characters. The short story is usually a part of a scene or a movie that use to make the reader gain more interesting on the books or movie that you want to see or read. In this class, you will expect to read at least six short story. Each of the story have their own meaning and lesson that teach us about real life matter. One of the short story I like is “Girl” written by Jamaican Kincaid. It about a mother taught her daughter how to become a women that know how to do the do...

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