Essay about Literary Analysis of Various Stories

Essay about Literary Analysis of Various Stories

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The Woodlanders is a story with a complicated plot. George Melbury, a timber-merchant of Little Hintock, the place where the events take place, decides to marry his daughter Grace to Giles Winterborne, an honest woodsman and the son of an old friend. For Giles, Grace is his childhood sweetheart and the ever object of his affection despite himself being loved by Marty South. However, When Mr. Melbury considers the educational status of his daughter, he changes his mind concerning marrying her to Giles. He has the ambition to marry her to a man of a higher status and treats Giles with an unaccustomed coldness. In the meantime, Dr. Edred Fitzpiers comes on the scene. He seizes Grace’s fascination with him and the opportunity that Giles is no longer favoured by Mr. Melbury to step into the vacant place in Grace’s heart (Sherren, 1902). He falls in love with her, asks her father for permission to marry her and they get married. Soon after the marriage, Fitzpiers blames himself for marrying a woman who is beneath him and becomes more interested in Mrs. Felice Charmond, a fashionable widow. They meet in secret and finally decide to leave for the continent. He just leaves Grace a note about his departure. Grace becomes interested once again in Giles but her father’s efforts to get her divorced by the new law and set free fail. Finally, Fitzpiers gets separated from Mrs. Felice Charmond who is reported to be killed in Germany. He comes back to Little Hintock and is asked by his wife Grace to save the life of Giles. He does his best but Giles dies. After the death of Giles, Fitzpiers asks Grace for forgiveness and they get reconciled. The novel ends with a romantic note with Marty standing at the grave of Giles and saying: “If ever I forget...

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...rban. The novel is classified by Hardy under the category of Novels of Ingenuity. Nevertheless, the novel is an expression of the class divisions within the society. This is supported statistically by the vector profiles of this group. This argument is again supported by Page (2000) and Widdowson (1998; 1989). They stress the idea that class awareness is a major theme in The Hand of Ethelberta.
A Few Crusted Characters is a set of 9 tales, which Hardy calls colloquial sketches (1912d). It is about a villager who returns after a long absence to his native village, “and for the final stage of his journey he takes the carrier's van from the market-town. He asks the other passengers for information about the people he had known in his youth and his inquiries lead very naturally to a series of anecdotes concerning typical village characters”(Abercrombie, 1912: 86-87).

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