Literary Analysis Of ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

Literary Analysis Of ' The Tell Tale Heart ' Essay

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Literary Analysis of “The Tell-Tale Heart”
In Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Heart” a great deal of sanity, guilt, and nervousness is expressed throughout the entire story. Themes that are used are; guilt and innocence, and sanity and insanity throughout the narrator describing his reasoning for his actions and his mental state. It is expressed that the narrator does not what to kill the old man due to being wronged or insult, but because of his vulture, pale blue eye. He states that he is haunted by the old man’s eye day and night. He becomes obsessed with the thought of getting rid of the eye forever by taking the life of the old man. Although the narrator is aware that this rationalization seems to show his insanity, he explains that he cannot be mad because instead of being foolish about his obsession, he goes about murdering the old man with caution. Poe challenges the reader to look at the way they define sanity and the way they rationalize particular actions.
In Tale-Tell Heart, there are two themes, which are guilt and innocence, and sanity and insanity. Firstly, guilt and innocence. After murdering the old-man, he hears his never-ending heartbeat, he begins to acknowledge his feeling of guilt through statements like “No doubt I now grew very pale”, “I gasped for breath”, and “I talked more quickly”(Poe, 1843). While thinking about the murder, the narrator begins think about how awful his action truly were. The narrator realizes how his rationalization for his actions aren’t as rational as he thought. The narrator spectacles why the police officers will not leave so he can rid himself of this feeling of guilt. The reader can interpret the sense of nervousness and guilt increasing through the shortening of the nar...

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...dgar Allan Poe’s story “The Tell-Tale Heart” a great deal of sanity, guilt, and nervousness is expressed throughout the entire story. Themes that are used are guilt and innocence, and sanity and insanity throughout the narrator describing his cognitive thought process for his actions and his mental state while planning to murder the old man. The narrator displays sanity and insanity through his constant reassurance to the reader that he cannot be insane because of his cautious and planning of the murder. The narrator exhibits his guilt and innocence thorough his pride in how he handled the police to then a few seconds later when he is overwhelmed with guilt and uncertainty and confesses to the police that he committed the crime. Poe is challenging the reader throughout the story to look at the way they define sanity and the way they rationalize particular actions.

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